Multiple custom domain (FQDN and short name)

Issue #7853 wontfix
Vaclav Pavek
created an issue

Hello, I would welcome the possibility of multiple names or to the controlled access to the address that corresponds to a CNAME in the system according to the DNS.

For easier orientation I have the DNS records in the form <provider>. <service/type Of SERVICE>. <domain.tld> Example bitbucket.git.service.domain.tld (web access) and the abbreviated alias git.domain.tld (web access, primary git access). It is for this reason that I use more GIT server (private servers and partners).

This killer future for me

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  1. Daniel Bennett staff


    Thank you for the suggested enhancement. It does seem like a reasonable request, however, for many reasons including the security concerns of CNAMEs lacking HTTPS, and the technical challenge of maintaining and testing CNAME enabled services, we do not currently plan to expand our CNAME support in the foreseeable future.



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