POST Service doesn't send commits summary

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Lubomír Štork
created an issue

I'm writing custom solution to utilize POST Service at my server, but I need to know which branch was updated - I'm running applications out of master branch, doing development in develop or feature branches, and merging progress back to master - unfortunately, after merge from develop to master, data sent by POST Service looks like this:

'payload' => '{
    "repository": {
        "website": "",
        "fork": false,
        "name": "YYY",
        "scm": "git",
        "owner": "XXX",
        "absolute_url": "/XXX/YYY/",
        "slug": "YYY",
        "is_private": true
    "truncated": false,
    "commits": [],
    "canon_url": "",
    "user": "XXX"

I don't want to pull from origin after every commit, only when master branch is changed, but with empty 'commits' array, I am out of luck. Is there anything I can change in git configuration to see commits in POST Service payload after merge & push, please?

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