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Maurício CA
created an issue

I think this is easy to implement and would be great to many users: could you add an option in the repository administration to disable the separate repository for wiki pages and its web edit interface and instead just get wiki pages from a 'wiki' directory from the master branch of the source code repository?

Thanks a lot!

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  1. Maurício CA reporter

    Today, all projects with wikis in bitbucket use two repositories:

    (1) ssh://

    (2) ssh://

    Repository (1) is for source code, and (2) is for wiki pages. The matter of this request is the possibility, under user choice, of disabling repository (2) and using a directory (named, I suggest, "wiki") in the master branch of source code repository (1) as a source for the wiki. Wiki style would stay exactly the same, source code for wiki pages would stay exactly the same. Disabling the possibility of editing wiki pages using the web interface under that circunstance (just as a convenience for the maintainers of bitbucket) is of course okay.

  2. Juha Kuitunen

    Sorry if gh-pages caused misunderstanding. I was trying to say that, in @mauricio's terms, repository (2) does not need to be a directory in master or default branch but it could be in a branch of it's own (let's call it "bb-wiki" or whatever). I believe git has term orphan or unrelated branch for it (a branch without parent commit). In that way the wiki is still located in the same repo as the source code but it's more out of the way from normal workflow.

  3. Daniel Bennett staff

    @mauricio that still seems like the same feature request to me. Whether it's a branch or a subpath is an implementation detail -- the basic idea is that you would like to have your wiki live alongside your project source, correct?

    Perhaps it's just me, though, I will leave this open as a separate feature request and let others on the team provide input during feature triage.

  4. Maurício CA reporter

    Maybe I misunderstood what a "git-hub style page" is. The #3932 issue description seems to imply that they want to use HTML or something else instead of regular wiki markup. I just want to maintain one repository instead of two. If that is the only thing issue #3932 suggests, just close this issue as duplicate.

    (Also: I think a separate branch for wikis may not be a good idea, because the concepts of branch for git and mercurial seems to differ, and bitbucket supports both.)

  5. Andrey Shmakov

    This Question has come up repeatedly and this is the first hit on google for this issue, it is easy to use git submodules to include the wiki as part of your source, but it will still be a seperate wik repo, but you can do all your work from one source tree and have a simplified process for autogenerated wikis. You can clone the submodule into any directory that you wish e.g if you want the wiki to be under /doc/wiki/ for instance. Any changes made to the submodule can be pushed to the wiki repo by going in the directory and using git as usual.

    git submodule add
    git submodule init
    git add .gitmodules
    git commit -m "wiki submodule"

    Make sure to remove the user name from the user at bitbucket https link unless you expect all developers to know the login for the user, there are Other Options for authentication.

    Detailed Doc

  6. Benoît Depaire

    Andrey's solution already helps somehow, but the main problem I still encounter is that when I want to link to source files from within the wiki, I cannot simply use relative links which also work locally.

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