Disabling Auto-hyperlink of long numbers (BB-9049)

Issue #7889 open
Clement Law
created an issue


I'm using restructuredText in my wiki. I was wondering if it was possible to disable/choose whether a long number is automatically turned into a hyperlink to a commit version.


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  1. Zach Steele

    The renderer is converting long numbers embedded in email addresses into commit links, even though it does create the correct hyperlink for the email address. For example:


    generates a mailto link from "zach.steele+" with the full email address, converts "20140313a" into a link to a nonexistent commit, and leaves


    as plain text.

    Also, I tried to use double-backticks (``) to wrap the email address as a literal - in that case the hyperlink is not generated, but the renderer then generates hyperlinks both for the commit and user

  2. Mike Thomson

    This has not been resolved. Is there a workaround for this? It is really annoying that long numbers in my README.md automatically turn into links for non-existent revisions.

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