Issue #7891 open

Teams are not displayed in the user avatar menu unless the user is an Administrator or Creator for the team (BB-9075)

Joseph Earl
created an issue
  1. Create a team
  2. Create two Bitbucket accounts
  3. Add one account as an Administrator for the team, the other as a Developer
  4. Log in to the Administrator account and click the user drop down menu in the top right corner, notice a link to the team is displayed under "Teams"
  5. Log in to the Developer account and click the user drop down menu in the top right corner, notice no "Team" header is displayed and no link to the team is displayed

There seems to be no quick and easy way for a user who is not an Administrator for the teams to quickly switch and view those teams accounts.

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  1. Dan Bennett staff

    Can you see the team on your developer account's dashboard overview? We only enable the team admin link for the administrators but all members should be able to navigate to the team via their dashboard.

  2. Joseph Earl reporter

    Yes, from the dashboard overview I can see the team link on the developer's account below the repositories listing. What I would like is for the team link to be in the user drop down for everyone as it is for admins so the team page is easily accessible from everywhere: I find people spend most of their time on Bitbucket not on their dashboard. When I click the link in the drop down on the admin account it only takes to me so I don't really see why it is regarded as an admin link.

  3. Joseph Earl reporter

    If this as designed as you seem to indicate (please confirm) then I will convert this into a proposal to add links to teams from the drop down menu as that would seem more fitting.

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