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Issue #7899 duplicate

Allow use of Token for http authentication (BB-5446)

Mutlu Dogruel
created an issue

Similar to other sites, allow use of a token in place of the basic authentication.

Comments (10)

  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Support for archive download via curl/wget with private/public key authentication (BB-9060)

    There is no equivalent of "svn export" in Mercurial. But there is "hg archive", which can only be used in your local repository. Unfortunately, it does not take a URL argument for a remote repository. So, in a deployment scenario in which you don't want to get all the history and metadata, but just a snapshot of your repository for a specific revision: you clone, then optionally do an "hg archive", and finally delete the .hg folder.

    The alternative is to use curl:

    curl --digest --user my_name:my_password https://bitbucket.org/user/repo/get/master.zip -o master.zip

    Is there a way to allow this download by ssh authentication, instead of having to supply user name and password? If not, can it be added as a new feature please?

    This has a good use case in automatic deployment platforms such as Opscode Chef. With a private key, a Chef recipe must be able to get a snapshot of a mercurial repository. (For git this is not a big issue, "git archive" command already supports remote URLs, but hg archive does not).

  2. Daniel Bennett staff

    Xander Smalbil today you can use OAuth2 tokens to accomplish this goal but they are not what you probably want.

    Once issue #11774 referenced by Marcus above is complete you'll be able to define custom, per-use passwords that will allow you to access APIs without using your primary credentials.

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