Branch description (BB-9074)

Issue #7903 open
Kaz Nishimura
created an issue

It would be nice to have a short description for each branch so that users can easily know what the branch is for. Branch names are not very informative for newcomers.

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  1. Tobias Zander

    There's already a branch description feature in git from version 1.7.9, so how about just displaying that description and make it editable through the interface? would also be nice to see that in the branch overview

  2. Daniel Trommel

    We would like to have this, because our branch name only has a ticket number, nothing more. If we always force the developers to create the branches via BitBucket, we can have the branch description entered there.

    Ideally, the description is shown as a column in the list of branches that is shown in BitBucket.

  3. Benjamin Saberin

    I agree with Daniel Trommel for exactly the reasons stated.

    If it is not possible to store a Description in BitBucket, a viable alternative might be additional integration with JIRA. Displaying the matching JIRA Name/Subject in the Branch View would work well for us. Our team follows a strict policy of creating branches named just the JIRA key (and we create a new branch for almost every JIRA).

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