Deletion of submodule directory doesn't show up (BB-9073)

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Elmar Zander
created an issue

In the following commit the submodule directory 'matlab/sglib' was deleted:

Unfortunately this is not visible on the page, it simply says nothing about a change to 'matlab/sglib'. When I do a git diff between the commits I get

diff --git a/matlab/sglib b/matlab/sglib
new file mode 160000
index 0000000..180281d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/matlab/sglib
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+Subproject commit 180281d5705a4d9b3717378851b6ec268b1b5336

and gitk shows

--------------------------------- matlab/sglib ---------------------------------
Submodule matlab/sglib 180281d...0000000 (submodule deleted)

It would be nice, if bitbucket showed something similar to alert the user that something has happened to the submodule.

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  1. Chris Down

    I ticketed BBS-5472 because I am having exactly the same issue, and this is really critical for me (I cannot continue to use Bitbucket if this is not fixed, because it makes web diffs untrustworthy).

    Here is what I said in that ticket:


    I have encountered a bug/missing feature on Bitbucket that has shaken my confidence in being able to review things based upon pull request diffs/commit diffs etc.

    The subproject commit is very important information for me. If it is changed, it is very important that it is in the diff, as it affects the surrounding code (undoubtedly this is true for many projects using submodules). However, when reviewing commits, the subproject commit change is not displayed on the website.

    See this commit:

    Compare that with the raw commit:

    This is extremely concerning. If Bitbucket does not tell me the true story about what happens in my diffs, how can I trust the information displayed about pull requests?



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