Add support for the character §

Issue #7909 resolved
Jack sullivan
created an issue

It currently displays a question mark little thing if the symbol (§) is used in code.

It also messes up my code if sync my code with the source on BitBucket, and the character will not function correctly.

Not sure on the component part...

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  1. Daniel Bennett staff

    I meant character encoding as in UTF-8, UTF-16, cp-1252, etc. Bitbucket serves content in UTF-8. My guess is that the file in question has been saved in another character set which confuses the browser when we tell it that it is UTF-8. The problem is.. we can't auto-detect encodings accurately.

    If you can, it might be worth trying to convert the file to UTF-8 in your editor to see if you can get the character to appear properly.

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