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Issue #7914 duplicate

Naming an issue "vote", "follow" or "unfollow" creates a buggy issue

Quentin Raynaud
created an issue

I created a "vote" issue to symbolize the idea we needed to implement a voting mechanism in our website. And that issue was inaccessible. That was due to the link generated that looked like https://bitbucket.org/team/repository/issue/id/vote which is exactly the same path that would be used to vote for this issue.

It's easy to understand that both issue display & issues action can't have the same URL. I had to trick the url and use a non existent name to access the issue & destroy it.

Possible solutions would be to forbid issue names that correspond to actions. Or to change the actions url to use get attributes like ?vote=1. Or to put the actions attributes under the issue name (like in repos/issue/id/name/vote.)

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