REST API: Changeset Participants change when using RawNode vs Node (BB-9090)

Issue #7918 closed
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Depending on which Node hash you use to designate a changeset, the 'approval' status change on the participants. For example, an event structure provides a "Node" attribute (b88f296c63eb6c98bfdc2c2f44626b26). Attempting to get the participants of the changeset for ( yields:

[{"username": "thedillonb", "first_name": "Dillon", "last_name": "", "display_name": "thedillonb", "last_updated_on": "2013-03-16 20:50:52+00:00", "is_team": false, "avatar": "", "unmapped": false, "approved": false}]

However, using the "RawNode" which is a longer changeset hash (b88f296c63eb6c98bfdc2c2f44626b26222df21c) via it's API call: yields:

[{"username": "thedillonb", "first_name": "Dillon", "last_name": "", "display_name": "thedillonb", "last_updated_on": "2013-08-12 03:32:49+00:00", "is_team": false, "avatar": "", "unmapped": false, "approved": true}]

The approval status has changed but both node's point to the same changeset.

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