Weird rendering of interpreted text in README.rst (cite tag) (BB-9085)

Issue #7920 closed
Søren Løvborg created an issue

reStructured Text distinguishes between `interpreted text` and ``literal text``. The latter is typically rendered in a monospace font, while the first is rendered in a application-specific way, typically monospace, italics or bold.

In the Python / Sphinx world, interpreted text is usually used for identifiers, where it is turned into a cross-reference link. This, too, is how I used it for a README.rst file (out of habit).

Hence I was a bit surprised to see it rendered using a <cite> tag, which again (via CSS) results in an mdash being inserted in front of the quoted text.

Anyway, as mentioned, there is no rule as to how it should be rendered, so I guess I can't really complain... :-) Nevertheless, I propose that you change it to something more reasonable, such as italics or monospace (and no dash).


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