Dashboard overview does not show activities of the repositories I contribute to (but not owned)

Issue #7922 invalid
Mouhong Lin
created an issue


I have the "admin" permission of repository B (it's created by others).

But when I push commits to this repository. I can't see my activities (commits) of this repository in my dashboard overview (click bitbucket logo after logined). But I can see the my activities of this repository if I go to the overview page of this repository.

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  1. Victor Ivanov

    I am having the same problem. I used to see my own actvity in repositories that I contribute to, but not any more. Could either of you guys post the answer to the issue?

  2. Luke Swart

    I am confused - why is this issue invalid? It would be nice to show the other repositories to which I contribute, especially as I am applying to jobs.

    A resolution or clarification about this issue would be appreciated.

  3. Zachary Davis

    @Luke Swart Your profile, which other users can see, should show all of your activity (filtered, of course, through the permissions of the person who is viewing -- eg, no one can see your activity on a repo they don't have any access to). Your dashboard, which only you can see, shows activity of all of the repos your are currently watching.

  4. Luke Swart

    @Zachary Davis Thanks for the reply, but the "recent activity" feed by my profile does not show my recent activity on a public repository that I do not own. For example, here is the public repository where I have some activity, and here is my profile with my "recent activity" on the right. The "recent activity" in the public repository that I do not own does not come up in the "recent activity" beside my profile.

    If an anonymous user can view my "recent activity" in the public repository, why can't they see the same activity in the "recent activity" on my profile page?

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