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Issue #7929 closed

Support change highlighting over multiple lines in diff (BB-9098)

created an issue

6247 contains a response noting that while making intra-line changes darker (which makes it easier to see what in the line were the changed bits) that this is not supported for changes that span multiple lines.

Add support for showing what within each line was changed for changes over multiple lines.

Comments (6)

  1. Jon reporter

    I'm also noticing that sometimes even when I see only a single line changed (one - row followed by one + row with unchanged rows immediately above and below) it's also not always doing the darker notation for the changes, so it looks like even for those it could use some fixin' up.

  2. Jon reporter

    Our team moved from using crucible where this was well supported and I miss it sorely. Any time there's multi-line changes the basic diff in BitBucket is not useful other than for indicating which lines have changed. I have to manually switch to the side-by-side diff to actually see the changes highlighted.

    Perhaps this issue hasn't received much attention because it really is not super-useful; github appears to have the same issue (see lines 113-115 for the sizzle.js file in this commit for example https://github.com/jquery/jquery/commit/c0b23e2b71eb7dd19b6435c6e94980275dd3990d). Knowing how useful I found it in the past I have a hard time believing other developers wouldn't welcome this (and that crucible which was in many respects a much crummier product than BitBucket is still better on this count). Guess that was a bit of a rant :) Just that it's a pain point, so hoping to be a squeaky wheel.

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