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Issue #7931 wontfix

Announcements page for repositories or teams.

Stefan Ginev
created an issue

An amazingly useful feature would be an announcements feature either as a new page or in the overview.

The idea:

It should look like news-feed-type page, listing all past announcements added by admins. Adding an announcement should work like adding a comment, perhaps with a title field, formatted with big bold letters in the feed. This will be useful when: making important changes to the repository folder structure, development workflow; test-server maintenance; updating an application build outside bitbucket.com (we keep our .exe, and .apk files in cloud storage so we don't overuse bitbucket's hosting hospitality smile); etc.

Since the Overview page of the repository is so useful that everyone in my project just regularly checks the website repository page first for news about the development progress, it seems like a shame that I cannot globally announce important events here. REST API integration would also be perfect, so we can set up automatic announcements when adequate.

Comments (7)

  1. Stefan Ginev reporter

    Hi, I'm embarrassed, didn't know that a readme.md would show in the overview grin

    Yes, I was thinking about something more like a banners / message board thing but the readme is a good enough alternative for now. Thank you for pointing this out to me.

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