Issue #7933 invalid
Vadym Moiseiuk
created an issue

I have the same problem like issue #7761. Git push is stalling out on large files... Read from remote host fatal: The connection was aborted... See attachment.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    We don't have any major reported outages at this time. If you can reliably reproduce this, please send the following information to support:

    • Your public IP (from
    • A traceroute to
    • Your ISP
    • Geographic location
    • Tell us if the issue is the same over SSH and https -- be sure to time every attempt!
    • Over https, also use GIT_CURL_VERBOSE GIT_CURL_VERBOSE time git clone …
    • Install a package called tcptraceroute. It is available for most *nix platforms from the package manage of your choice. Then run and paste to us the complete output of tcptraceroute 22
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