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Issue #7936 closed

Support multiple plan keys in Bamboo hooks (BB-9123)

Steve Muskiewicz
created an issue

We have a large number of Bamboo build plans that are triggered by commits in our SCM (currently Fisheye/SVN OnDemand, moving to BB).

It appears that I need to configure a hook for each plan key that I want to trigger from Bitbucket, which is a major PITA. It would be nice if the Bamboo hook plan key field could support wildcarding the plan key so I can enable one hook for multiple Bamboo plans.

Alternatively, since we need to provide our Bamboo URL (and it is part of our OnDemand instance), maybe providing the OnDemand URL might be sufficient to just enable the trigger for all build plans on that instance rather than having to specify a plan key at all? (Though maybe that isn't possible to implement, but it would definitely be nice!)

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