You cannot strip changesets from some Hg repositories (BB-9116)

Issue #7942 resolved
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See BB-9116

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  1. Sietse Brouwer

    Same problem here.

    I have a Mercurial repository:

    I want to strip commit 178c2bf, a head commit on my default branch.

    When I go to my settings to strip it, I get a "Strip complete" message.

    When I then go to another page, I get an error message: "There was an error while executing the strip task." The commit I wanted to strip is still there.

    Expected behaviour is that the strip will succeed.

  2. Sietse Brouwer

    Strip functionality seems to work again. I just followed the same steps as above (Settings > Strip changesets > enter the changeset id), and the strip completed successfully.

    So: if you repaired this, many thanks for repairing it. If you did not, then good luck finding the cause of the bug. :-) Cheers!

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