API PHP Support For OAuth 2

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Simon Davies
created an issue

Would it be possible to create support for OAuth 2 API in PHP or many more languages

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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi @Simon Davies

    Did you intend to create this issue in the Bitbucket website's issue tracker or on a different project?

    I'm not quite sure what you're after if you did mean this for Bitbucket. Would you be able to elaborate in that case, please?



  2. Simon Davies reporter

    Yeah! Sorry it probably was meant for the BitBucket issue section. What i am talking about is that the API for bitbucket is still using an unsecured oauth version and would like it updated to use the oauth2 as there is also a lot more libraries out there that use it now and v1 is becoming less watched/used.

    Also every time someone asks about php examples or eg on the API then are sent to a link with a python example and thats it no more and also the lack of real word tuts on using it form getting it oauth to actually receiving content. I am having to work with an oauth library and then search for ways of retrieving the data form the call, i have managed to do this etc via basic auth but trying to get it to do via oauth is a night mare just stumbling at every turn once an dif i get there i will defo post it for others but at the moment theres not central eg files etc where we can use look at.

    If you were to update it to oauth2 then there will probably be more libraries out there etc that people can use and not have to go through loads to tests and trials. I have an oauth2 library and it does github, FB twitter if bitbucket was to go the oauth2 way then it should be easy to add to... hope this helps a little in the mean i me i might have to bite the bullet and go the basic auth for now?

    thank you

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