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Issue #7963 closed

Switching branch in source browser can result in 404 (BB-6008)

Joseph Earl
created an issue


  • Create a repository with two branches
  • In one branch create a new folder and put a blank file inside
  • Commit the changes and push


  • Go the repository in Bitbucket and click on the source view
  • Choose the branch with the folder in from the dropdown
  • Navigate into the folder
  • Switch to the other branch
  • Observe: 404 dead link page

Bitbucket seems to assume a certain path will exist in all branches. It would be better that if the path does not exist in the newly selected branch that the UI returns to viewing the root of the project in the new branch rather than giving a 404.

So my issue is not that the URL results in a 404, but rather that the UI should not attempt to go to that URL when switching branch if the URL results in a 404.

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