Web-based diff-ing no longer seems to give in-line highlights of the changes

Issue #7967 resolved
Richard McGregor
created an issue

Hi Bitbucket team,

Until a couple of weeks ago the diff tool on the bitbucket website was brilliant - on both the full commit view, and the side-by-side view for an individual file's changes, I was getting highlighted in-line diffs - and the diff-ing algorithm seemed really good at spotting a minimal set of changes to show in that view. Fantastic for code reviews etc.

Something seems to have changed a couple of weeks back and now I'm only getting line by line diffs.

In other words, if only one character changes in a line, I'm getting it showing as the old line was removed, and the new line was added - without any highlight of that single character change.

It doesn't seem to be browser-specific.

Was this a deliberate change? I can't find an option to turn it back on - sorry if I'm missing something! :)


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  1. Richard McGregor reporter

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for the response and sorry I wasn't clear. The problem was only occurring on the side by side diff.

    However...it seems to be working again now!

    I tried it from a few different browsers over a period of a couple of weeks, so I'm fairly sure I didn't imagine it :) Very mysterious...


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