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Ian Hunter
created an issue

Many people on the issues here will frequently "vote" on an issue by commenting with a mere "+1". This is problematic for a couple of reasons

  1. It floods the inboxes of users with superfluous comments
  2. A vote is never actually counted for these people
  3. People then complain that people are flooding their inboxes with pointless "+1" comments
  4. These complaints are then emailed out to everyone, repeating step 1

I think what we need is a more intuitive UI. Maybe including the Vote link near the comment box to make it more obvious to those inclined to scroll down to add their support would do the trick. Alternatively, you could catch people who are posting "+1" as their entire comment who haven't voted and ask them if they would like to vote on the issue, because "Posting +1 is not as an effective way of alerting Atlassian of their clients requests as voting is"

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