Internal server error on git pull/push

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I am getting an internal server error HTTP 500, doing any push/pull command on any of my repos under the usernames 'sangupta' and 'multiplx'.

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  1. Pavel Shvetsov

    Hello! I have the same while push, pull, clone via HTTPS in all repos

    error: The requested URL returned error: 500 while accessing
    fatal: HTTP request failed

    Thank you.

  2. Pavel Shvetsov

    Hello, Code-Heroes!

    Since I last time (and first actually) faced this problem, I've moved all repos to SSL-rails and now I'm happy.

    HTTPS-bug seems to be periodic and depends on web-servers maintenance, moving, scaling and etc.

  3. Amy Dredge

    I'm new to BitBucket, and I created my first repository and added the remote origin, but now that I'm trying to push my commits, I'm getting this same error... I'm really hoping this isn't a common thing with BitBucket!

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