Automated issue comments show up as "content: null" in API response (BB-9487)

Issue #8020 resolved
Simon Davies created an issue

Each time i get all comments from a selected issue , they also include automated created ones, but when listed the content section is blank.

For example, say i edited an issue, once updated there will be an extra comment that says:

     (USERNAME)  edited description

Now when i list this via my api the content section is blank/null:

array (size=7)
      'content' => null
      'author_info' => .....

So when i am outputing this it does not look nice with no comment.

So is there a way to:

  • only receive non automated comments.
  • turn off this automated comment thingy
  • or actually view them rather than return null or is this a bug :-)

At the moment i am filtering out any blank ones but that just adds more code, thanks

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    Yep, but also the URL you used (identifying the repo and the issue) and the HTTP headers you sent. That allows me to reproduce the issue.

    As your headers contain your password, please email us at

  2. Simon Davies reporter

    sorry, im using the bitbucket-api so will have to hack that to view the url devised. and the e-mail you mentioned...

  3. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Please report the details and what URL/endpoint of our API you are using to (create a free Atlassian account). If you're using a third part library, be sure to try the request using our actual URL's directly to see if you get the same results.

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