Add next/previous links to file browser (BB-9485)

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Yongtao Hu
created an issue

How to quickly switch to view next/previous file?

For example, I have two files in my repo: a.jpg and b.jpg. Now I am opened and viewing a.jpg. How to quickly switch to view b.jpg on bitbucket website?

Or how to view all my files of current repo in Large Icons-like view so that I can preview them to make sure before jump into certain item?

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  1. Yongtao Hu reporter
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    Thanks, Marcus.

    But what I really mean is that I don't want to remember the file name or press F each time. I just need some feature that enables me to switch between files, e.g. a image viewer for images based on their alphabetical order.

  2. Yongtao Hu reporter

    I am mainly looking for flip between files in the source browser, which can enable me to switch one source file to next (based on their alphabetical order or whatever).

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