Wiki for team accounts (BB-9196)

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Joakim Israelsson
created an issue

I have the exact same request as this guy , but I couldn't find a created issue for it.

I have quite a few projects belonging to a team account, with more being added. However a lot of documentation is more specific to the entire team rather than the different projects. The natural place to put this would be in a wiki tied to the team account.

Another option could be to assign a repository as the "team repository" so its README overview, wiki and issue tracker appears on the team profile page.

EDIT: A third option would be the option to make the team static site private so only team-members with read access can see it.

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  1. Michael Muzzie

    +1, we are also requesting a team-based wiki. We have a few repo-based wikis, but we are quickly finding that many of the procedures and best practices that we are trying to document apply to multiple repos, so our manager has been putting that documentation into SharePoint (the horror).

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