When browsing the `tip` source code of a repository, the browser does not remember `tip` (BB-5640)

Issue #8042 closed
Jeroen Wiert Pluimers created an issue

This is easiest illustrated with an example:

  1. Go to this tip url: https://bitbucket.org/jeroenp/besharp.net/src/tip/Native/Delphi/Apps/Console/GenerateGroupProjConsoleProject
  2. Now click on any of the source files
  3. Observe the url does not contain tip but the revision ID for that file. I'd like a way to browse to the tip version of that file with tip in the URL for easier documentation referencing.

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  1. Juan Manuel Palacios

    @mafrauen No problem marking my ticket #9358 as duplicate of this one, as it expreses exactly what I'd love to see in the bitbucket source browser: the URL not embedding the hash of the latest commit to a resource, but instead always being some sort of "magic link" to its latest revision, but without having to manually tinker with it (as you mention in my ticket, since that's something bound to be easily forgotten).

  2. Atlassian Bitbucket

    This issue has been closed due to inactivity. If you continue to see problems, please reopen or create a new issue.

  3. Armin Wehrfritz

    This issue still remains and should not have been closed!

    As stated in some of the comments, replacing the commit hash in the URL by the branch name or HEAD gives a permanent link to the head of the branch, but as soon as one is browsing through the repository, the commit hash is again substituted into the URL.

    This is a rather annoying issue.

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