Creating an issue in own repository notifies the creator (BB-9200)

Issue #8049 resolved
Patrick Bänziger created an issue

When creating an issue in my own repository, I always get notified by email about the creation of the issue. It happens both when I am the assignee and when the assignee was left blank.

Because I obviously know that I created the issue, this email is completely superfluous. Could you disable that or create an option to ignore it for this case?

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  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Patrick,

    I am unable to reproduce this scenario myself, notifications should not be sent to the creator of the event.

    Can you confirm that the notification also appears in your Bitbucket inbox? Also does this issue occur in all of your repositories or just one?

    It is possible that the notification is being sent to a different account and just using in the same email address. Can you confirm if this is case?

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Patrick Bänziger reporter

    Hi Brian.

    I checked this with a newly created issue.

    • It does not appear in the inbox on the website.

    • I only have one account here, so it should not be sent to a different one.

    At the moment I only have one repository to check it with - if you wish, I can create a temporary one and retry.

    But I think I found the reason for it: The email address was specified in the "mailing list" of the repository settings. I don't know if I ever added this manually or it was added automatically, but after removing it, I did not receive emails for my test issues.

    If this is correct behaviour, I guess you can close it.

    Cheers, Patrick

  3. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for getting back to us. The mailing list setting shouldn't be set automatically by us, so if you believe this was done without your knowledge please let us know.

    Otherwise this is expected behaviour.

    Cheers, Brian

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