Linkify issues and changesets in READMEs (BB-9488)

Issue #8051 wontfix
David Daniell
created an issue

It would be great if the Readme file displayed on a repository's overview page could be automatically parsed to generate links to change-sets in the repository and issues in the issue tracker for the project, much like comments in issue are, etc.

That way if my Readme contained for example the text "issue #18" anywhere in it, then that text would be linked to issue #18 in the tracker for my project when the Readme is presented on the overview page. Same for change-set hashes.

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  1. Jon Mooring staff

    We have no plans to implement this feature in the near-term. If you need to add links to Bitbucket changesets or issues, please just create a static link in your READMEs.

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