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Issue #8052 closed

Add button not always properly enabled when branch is specified in admin branch management screen (BB-9202)

Steve Muskiewicz
created an issue

In the new Admin > Branch Management screen for a repo, it seems that the "Add" button doesn't always get properly enabled when a branch value is supplied.

For instance, in the "Prevent history re-writes (rebase) on these branches" field, I typed "*" (and selected the "* (all branches)" menu popup), but even after doing this, the "Add" button was still disabled/greyed out.

Typing (and selecting) "master" appears to have enabled the Add button and then I was able to go back and change the branch to "*", but this should work properly in the first place.

This was on the latest version of Chrome on MacOSX.

Comments (5)

  1. Tim Savage

    Found the same problem with Chrome on GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 12.04).

    Reproduce with:

    • Admin > Branch Management
    • Click "Prevent deletion of these branches" input box or "Prevent history re-writes (rebase) on these branches" input box and select a branch
    • Add button does not enable.

    Also pressing Enter just refreshes the page and does not perform the default action as you would expect.

    Work around is to press any key on the keyboard (including shift or ctrl) which will enable the Add button.

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