would like to see commit times in the Dashboard (BB-9248)

Issue #8062 wontfix
Dan Morrow
created an issue

I sometimes work on two or three projects in a week. Each week I need to fill out timesheets.

It would be nice if I could look at the commit logs, and give myself a reminder about when I worked on things. (i.e. : if the commit time was 1pm, then I can assume that I worked for about 4 hours that day on a specific project).

Push time doesn't matter to me at all, btw. The history of the project commits are more important.

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  1. Logan Gorence

    Sounds like something that might be simple enough to implement, and would benefit some teams that like Dan said, that need to track their time worked. +1 For this addition.

  2. Dan Morrow reporter

    OK, one last comment. The info is not in the commit view of the repo. I do see the commit date, but not the commit time. Only way to see the time is to drill down to the raw commit.

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