Better cross-repository issue tracker linking

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Rudy Matela
created an issue

Currently, in Bitbucket, you can reference other issues using the #\d+ notation, for example: #8051, #5633 (arbitrary issues).

One interesting feature could be linking issues in other tracker by prepending the repository name to the notation: tortoisehg/thg/#470. Which in this case, would become something like: tortoisehg/thg/#470. With a dash if it was closed.

An interesting complement to this, is that, an issue created inside a user/team, would preferentially reference a repository hosted by the same user/team. thg/#470 on the "site" team, would reference site/thg/#470 instead of referencing the one in the previous example.

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  1. John Walker

    Fair enough to the Bitbucket people if they wanna save their valuable time and omit a, nice-to-have, feature. Gosh! I'm surprised at the negative comments above. Who'd a thought there'd be such a fuss when 'the hand that feeds ya' doesn't put icing on the cake.

  2. Pedro Ferreira

    @John Walker People here are just trying to help by saying that the lack of such a feature will ultimately lead them to change service. I don't see any problem with that. After all, there are other "cakes" out there and I guess BitBucket wants to provide a service that is at least as useful.

  3. John Walker

    Yes. I regretted posting that comment the day after I wrote it and forgot to delete it.

    I agree feedback is important and it is better to speak one's mind than to hold things in. Having offered free services in the past, for genuinely altruistic reasons, I suppose it made me want to balance things out by showing some appreciation for what we already have in Bitbucket.

  4. Adrian

    A typical Open Source project usually doesn't want to bother dealing with JIRA or even paying money for it. However, linking issues across repos, e.g. to reference an issue from an upstream project, is quite important.

    Good thing GitHub supports this 😏

  5. Leonid Vysochyn

    This is the first time that I am starting to think about moving to Github due to lack of this feature. I have multiple repos with a parent project and a possibility to have cross repo links is very important for such setup.

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