Internal server error on rest get tags call... & changesets call

Issue #8087 resolved
Willam Hegarty
created an issue

When trying a get on the url for our project alpha_developer/alpha_services

We get the returned json exception (this happens with any sha)

{ "error": { "message": "Internal server error", "ref": "b891fcef2a9f4596a6699fa1d736e18e", "detail": " File \"/opt/python/domains/\", line 182, in call\n result = checked_meth(request, args, kwargs)\n File \"/opt/python/domains/\", line 174, in checked_meth\n return meth(*args, kwargs)\n File \"/opt/python/domains/\", line 33, in call\n return self._nr_wrapped(args, kwargs)\n File \"/opt/python/domains/\", line 38, in wrap\n return f(request, *a, kwa)\n File \"/opt/python/domains/\", line 371, in wrapped_function\n return func(*args, kwargs)\n File \"/opt/python/domains/\", line 75, in wrapped_function\n return func(*args, kwargs)\n File \"/opt/python/domains/\", line 1632, in read\n request.repository.history.tags()}\n File \"/opt/python/domains/\", line 1631, in <dictcomp>\n return { csetdict(tag.resolve()) for tag in\n File \"/opt/python/domains/\", line 170, in csetdict\n branches = [ for b in cset.branches()]\n File \"/opt/python/domains/\", line 255, in branches\n return GitRefList([b for b in self.repo.branches()\n File \"/opt/python/domains/\", line 1253, in branches\n for fqname in self._repo.listall_references():\n File \"/opt/python/domains/\", line 56, in handler\n raise exception\n" } }

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  1. Willam Hegarty reporter

    I failed to add that this is called through the ruby bitbucket_rest_api gem. So it is formatting the URL. But the call had been working before today (i.e. within the last week). I have noticed that if I remove the '/' from the url part "tags/?" the exception does not occur. ....scratch that... it is failing with the '/' removed also

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