Ability to delete pull requests

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Bitbucket Bot
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You may accidentally commit something like a password in a fork of a repo, then create a Pull Request. Currently, there is no way to remove that PR once created resulting in your sensitive data being shown in the PR diff forever.

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  1. Fernando Paiva

    I would appreciate to be able to delete my mistake pull request. Like Bitbucket Bot said, we may accidentally commit something like a sensitive date and we can not delete it. Please make this option possible!!!

  2. Boris Lutikov

    Definitely need this feature. Otherwise it's like not being able to delete and unwanted email or stuff. Annoying. Let alone a situation described by Fernando, when you can't remove accidentally exposed sensible info.

  3. Tom Hynes

    +1 on the ability to delete a PR. I can't believe this still isn't supported. Is this just a low priority? Or are there some technical or philosophical reasons why this is hard? Some feedback from STAFF as to why this is so slow to be addressed would, I think, help with the frustration.

  4. Joe Cotton

    +1 I cannot believe this still isn't supported

    As others have said, our only option now is to delete the repository and start again. This is ridiculous.

  5. Dejan Ivanovic

    One way of getting by is to have a 'dev/junk' branch, used for declined or useless pull requests. Then just edit the existing request to go into this branch and merge. Data is still there, in case you need it some day, or if it's sensitive info you can remove the whole branch.

  6. M A Rafee

    can we have this feature, delete a PR irrespective of Active or Declined. Damn I ran into same issues as you guys, lot of sensitive data went off and I cant change it as other applications are using it.

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