"visual diff" for images is broken (BB-9296)

Issue #8108 resolved
Juha Kuitunen
created an issue

When viewing diff for two images there are options side-by-side, blend and split. It works the first time you select any of those modes after loading the page. If you want to review the image on multiple modes one after another, usually the page just breaks down. Images get distorted and laid over another, blend slider does not disappear etc.

Tested with Opera 12.16 and Firefox 23.0.1.

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  1. Juha Kuitunen reporter

    @Zachary Davis Page is working great on Firefox but Opera still has a problem with split mode. When split is activated, on the left half the older image is shown and on the right half the newer image, as expected. The moment I move mouse cursor over the image, only the newer image is displayed.

  2. Zachary Davis

    I'll take a look, but in general our Opera usage is low enough that we don't consider it one of our "supported" browsers and I would recommend using Firefox or Chrome instead.

  3. Juha Kuitunen reporter

    Fair enough. I haven't tried Opera 15 which uses WebKit (or Blink) as an engine instead of Presto. It may work the same way as Chrome.

    PS. Opera has better feel of blend mode: image is updating while you move the slider. On Firefox you have to release the slider to see the results ;)

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