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Issue #8111 closed

Feature/Bug: Add paging for pull requests comprised of many files (BB-9354)

Nathan Taylor
created an issue

Well trying to review a very large pull request (70 files), I found the performance of the website to be utterly unbearable (in Chrome). I believe this is because there are simply too many items on the screen (and possibly javascript events, didn't look). If the pull request were divided into pages, say 20-30 files at a time, this might be less problematic.

In the case of this particular pull request, the last 20 or so files are never diffed, they just time out. When I click the "retry" link, they are never loaded. Peaking at the network tab, it looks like the diffs for the last 20 files are being returned when i click "Retry", but they are never loaded onto the page, for whatever reason. There are no errors in the JS console.

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