Error 500 on commits page when commits contain badly encoded characters

Issue #8129 resolved
Paweł Sroka
created an issue

We experience continuous problem when trying to access commits page in one of our private repositories.

Error hashes: 38353c2cb11248b096cad7a06f3270fb d857d1619ad4421d8710c779bc4dae6a

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  1. Paweł Sroka reporter
    • changed status to open


    Sorry for delayed response. We had some weird character encoding used in some commits author's name (or some other part, can't be sure now). So it looks like some problem with unusual or wrong encoding handling.

    It works fine for us now, but if you wish to pursue the problem at some point, it might make sense to keep this ticket open.

    Unfortunately I don't have offending commits to serve as an example anymore.

    Thanks for help!

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