Submodule links for Git repositories including capital letter giving 404 (BB-9303)

Issue #8137 invalid
Neil Parley
created an issue

Bitbucket is mapping it's URLs into lower case. So the URL for My_Repo would be, however when linked as a submodule the link is comming up as and so is giving a 404. The submodules links within bitbucket need to be lower cased.

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  1. Jonathan Mooring

    Bitbucket simply uses the repository URL specified in your .gitmodules file. If the casing is incorrect there, it will be incorrect in the Bitbucket UI. Marking this issue as invalid for now.

  2. Jonathan Mooring

    If you go to your repository overview and look at the URL on the right sidebar, or look at the URL in the clone dialog in the header of your repository, you'll notice that the URL includes the "slugified" version of your repository name. This is the URL we recommend you use when cloning or adding a repository as a submodule.

    If you stick to the patterns recommended throughout the UI, you should have no issues with casing. We have no current plans to add support for matching URLs other than the ones we recommend.

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