Fix user management -- needs to be more clear on where users are added either through groups or individual repos on 'Plans and Billing' (BB-9269)

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See BB-9269

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  1. Jesse Yowell staff

    Teams of 50+ will not show correctly in Plans and Billing. Access via Groups will not load. Let's make it easier for account admins to view who all has access to the account either through inherited permissions from forks / repos or groups

  2. Jesse Yowell staff


    1. Display repos, not users. When the admin clicks on a repo under 'Plans and Billing' it will cascade a list of the users under (read), (write), or (admin) lists.

    2. Force users to use groups, instead of individual users being assigned to repos. Make some sort of consistency.

    3. Show improved view for 'Access via Groups' -- Display groups and cascade usernames underneath. This currently doesn't work for larger teams.

  3. Jesse Yowell staff

    Fixing issue 3. which would correctly display 'Direct repo access' and 'Access via groups' under Plans and Billing would help somewhat, but this still seems difficult for larger teams.

    Another idea is to give an option for team admins to 'Remove all access' from a user (all repos / all groups).

    We would want this feature to be:

    1. In audit logs - easily trackable for admins
    2. A simple text box entry w/ button that will auto-find team members upon typing. "Remove all access" button will simply remove all group / direct repository access on the team (warning for removing your own access)
    3. Found under the team's admin menu (location tbd)
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