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Issue #8167 resolved

Content Type `application/json` not being set in Pull Request POST (BB-9380)

Rob Squires
created an issue

I've added a pull request hook to one of my private repos. I can't see the content type application/json being set in your request + I believe this to be the cause of a few problems I'm having.

The headers which are being set are:

content-length': '395',
accept-encoding: 'gzip, deflate',
authorization: '',
user-agent: 'Bitbucket.org',
x-newrelic-id: '',
x-newrelic-transaction: ''

I've been referring to the docs on this page: https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/BITBUCKET/Pull+Request+POST+hook+management

Which state: "The content header of the POST has an application/json type"

Any ideas? thanks

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