List of users and groups in repo's 'Access Management' duplicates when using back-button in browser. (BB-9317)

Issue #8172 resolved
Martijn Heemels
created an issue

The list of users and groups in a repo's 'Access Management' page duplicates when navigating to another admin page and returning via the back-button in browser.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Visit the Access Management page in a Git repo's administration screen (i.e.<username>/<reponame>/admin/access) and notice the list of Users and Groups with their respective permissions.
  2. Browse to any other admin page via the menu on the left.
  3. Use the browser's 'back' history-command (via back-button or mouse-button) to return to the Access Management page.
  4. You'll notice the list of Users and Groups has duplicated.

Each repetition of steps 2 & 3 further increases the duplication of the original list of Users and Groups.

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