Open external links in issues in a new tab (BB-9399)

Issue #8181 closed
Jesse Nicola
created an issue

I have two feature requests that would make this site vastly superior:

1- Open links in a new tab in the issue queue!

2- When you click "my issues" and then "status" it shows you resolved issues first. If it's resolved you probably don't care to see it as much as your UNRESOLVED issues. Can you switch this.

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  1. Jesse Nicola reporter

    External links included in the description and/or comments.

    In my experience with bit bucket, they typically relate to whatever issue I am looking at to let me know where the issue was exactly encountered.

    Opening these in a new window would be immensely useful.

  2. Jesse Nicola reporter

    RE: #2

    Yes, a second click reverses the ordering, and then shows open issues first. I'd be curious what your analytics show though in regards to how often people click that link a second time vs only clicking once.

    I'd put a serious wager down that most people are click it twice, and from a performance standpoint your wasting any resources used to generate that first listing.

  3. Brian Nguyen
    • changed status to open

    Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for clarifying. I've updated the issue and added it to our backlog.

    Regarding sorting, I'll have look into swapping the order.

    Cheers, Brian

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