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Issue #8186 duplicate

Linked JIRA instance should be integrated on issue tracker page

Roland Ewald
created an issue

Although I linked a repository (https://bitbucket.org/jamesii/main) to a JIRA instance (https://altair.informatik.uni-rostock.de/jira), the repository's issue tracker page (https://bitbucket.org/jamesii/main/issues) displays a button to create a new issue, instead of a URL to the linked JIRA instance.

Currently, it seems there are only two options:

  • disable the built-in issue tracker and hope users find the link to JIRA elsewhere
  • keep the built-in issue tracker, so there are now two places to submit issues

Ideally, Bitbucket users would be forwarded to the linked JIRA instance, or (more generally) a custom URL to an external issue tracker could be displayed.

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