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Issue #8189 resolved

Cannot change project logo (BB-9346)

Makoto Nokata
created an issue

In repository settings I've try to change project logo but clicking on link or logo acts as simple link to https://bitbucket.org/user/repo/admin#change-logo but no any dialog appear

Tested on Firefox 24 (both Linnux and Windows) and Opera 16

Comments (5)

  1. deedeethepinhead NA

    still experiencing a similar problem: after clicking "change logo" i can upload and position a new logo (tried jpg,png with 180x180 and custom sizes), but if i hit "done" it shows me the refresh animation and again i only see my default (python-) bucket logo. "Save repository details" does not change that fact. the repo has ":", "." and some spaces in its name - hopefully thats not the problem?

    i even tried to use/upload a picture-logo from an older repos that worked in another repo on bitbucked - not working on this repo.

    tested on ff 25.0 and chrome 31.0.1650.57 (linux mint 16 64bit & windows 7 64bit)

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