Notifications should be marked as read when I click the link in the email

Issue #8218 wontfix
Ed Kolis
created an issue

If I get an email telling me I have a notification in my inbox, the notification should be marked as read when I click the link in the email.

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  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Ed,

    If you allow your email client to display images, we will automatically mark notifications as read as soon as you open the email.

    Would this solve your problem?


  2. Michael Müller

    Hi @Brian Nguyen,

    I've just checked the notification sent by your post - Outlook downloaded the images in the email but the corresponding notification in the Bitbucket inbox is still marked as unread.
    I'm using Outlook 2013. Perhaps your feature is broken in the new release. If it worked that would be a really cool solution.



  3. Ed Kolis reporter

    I'm using Gmail, not a native email client. I do have it set to allow images from Bitbucket. It doesn't seem to be marking anything read when I read the email or click the link.

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