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Issue #8232 resolved

Can't download PDF files with custom domain (BB-9391)

Fernando Macedo
created an issue

How to reproduce

  1. Go to http://code.fgmacedo.com/talks/src/5ff9e24367f6/pybr9_raspador/exemplos?at=master
  2. Click on sptrans_setembro.pdf
  3. You'll receive an 404 Oops, you've found a dead link., being redirected to http://code.fgmacedo.com/fgmacedo/talks/raw/5ff9e24367f647dad4e687674fcfacd806483331/pybr9_raspador/exemplos/sptrans_setembro.pdf.


  1. Remove the second fgmacedo from url: http://code.fgmacedo.com/talks/raw/5ff9e24367f647dad4e687674fcfacd806483331/pybr9_raspador/exemplos/sptrans_setembro.pdf
  2. Download will start.

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