API repositories/user/repo date fields "last_updated" and "created_on" have 'T' in them in last 2 weeks

Issue #8244 resolved
David Lawrence
created an issue

https://bitbucket.org/api/1.0/repositories /{accountname}/{repo_slug} now returns "last_updated" and "created_on" fields with:

  • 'T' in the middle
  • miliseconds
{ 'last_updated': '2013-07-22T07:48:20.023',
  'created_on': '2013-07-22T07:48:19.952'}

2 weeks ago (last time I ran my automation scripts) this used to return as per the spec:


"last_updated": "2012-10-09 23:16:10",
    "created_on": "2012-10-09 23:14:48",

Where there is no T, or milliseconds

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  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi David,

    Apologies, it looks like we muddled up our api and documentation. We provide two forms of timestamps: one with our format (without the T) and one in the official UTC format (with the T).

    Confusingly the last_updated field is in UTC while utc_last_updated is in our non standard format.

    We'll update the documentation to reflect this.

    We are aware that our current rest api is inconsistent, so we intend to release a newer version sometime soon.

    I hope this helps.

    Cheers, Brian

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