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Issue #8246 resolved

Cannot remove myself as pull request reviewer

Martin Geisler
created an issue

The Mercurial mirror here on Bitbucket has received a pull request for the German translation. I went and told the guy that we don't use the mirror for development and that we don't even control it.

That added me as a reviewer on the pull request, which is fine. The pull request now shows up in my pull requests overview and I don't think I can remove it from there: I cannot decline the pull request since I don't control the mirror/mercurial repository and I cannot remove myself as a reviewer.

I've remove myself as a watcher from the pull request, but that doesn't influence the overview.

Comments (6)

  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Martin,

    We've set up our reviewers system to be as lightweight as possible. So when you comment on a pull request you will automatically be identified as being part of the review. We believe that if we maintain two groups for participants and reviewers it would be too confusing.

    The only way to remove yourself from the review is to delete the comments that you made on the pull request.

    Cheers, Brian

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