Same first item in the public newsfeed for a week^Wyear (BB-47)

Issue #826 resolved
Vincent Hittson
created an issue

If you go to

Janus Dam Nielsen committed d9b3bceab2f5 to viff Updated filename in description of just now

Has been listed as "just now" for at least a week.

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  1. Simeon Visser

    Confirming, I have this too and I have four other commits that are staying there as well, so five in total. They each have the text "just now" so perhaps it has something to do with that? The four other commits are from user drbrain to the hs_util project.

  2. d1st0rt

    There are some commits to a private repository I belong to that are exhibiting this behavior as well, they were converted from subversion and are actually quite old.

  3. drbrain

    I just checked, and those four commits have a date of Fri Feb 08 2013. If anyone tells me how to fix those commits in the repository, then I will. But bitbucket should still be made smarter than that.

  4. Simeon Visser

    It appears five additional commits are stuck in the public newsfeed: these are from the user gforgx and they belong to the notefinder repository. Only the bottom two commits are still regularly updated for me.

  5. Deozaan

    Right now the top 3 current public news items are stuck. It's sad that the ones that are stuck are also completely worthless when it comes to version control. How will they even know what they changed with commit logs like that? The top one that is showing as "just now" actually took place "about a month" ago and other changes have been made to the SpartaBots repo since then. Strange.

    dabomb69 committed 47ef47b4a2f0 to SpartaBots OMG! IZ TEH L33TNESS! just now committed 1442208c61a7 to GGEResearch small changes just now

    yoshihiro503 committed f8b5af7ec2da to aux asdf just now

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