Diff emails do not respect gitattributes (BB-9410)

Issue #8272 closed
Edd Barrett
created an issue


My team uses bitbucket (under the accademic 'price plan') for all of our projects. Recently we have been writing presentations in latex beamer. This involves importing SVG files into the repo.

We like the ability to have changes mailed to the team, but we got tired of the large diffs detailing the changes to the SVG files. We decided to dump a .gitattributes file into our repo:

*.svg -diff

This is enough for local git tools (like gitk) to consider the SVGs as binary, but bitbucket will still mail diffs against these files. I propose that it should not.


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  1. Brian Nguyen
    • changed status to open


    Thanks for reporting. At the moment, Bitbucket doesn't support gitattributes. I have added this issue to our backlog and we'll look through it.

    Cheers, Brian

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